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ISO 31000


What is ISO 31000?
'ISO 31000 Risk management provides the basis of a common framework for risk management that is relevant and applicable to all industry sectors and sizes of companies. Through ISO 31000 existing management system users are able to develop and implement an effective risk management approach to address operational risk

Who is ISO 31000 applicable to?
ISO 31000 is addressed to companies of any business sector that wish to identify danger at an early stage. This way companies ensure their positive development and their continued existence. Our risk management services are applicable to any company. Whether you want guidance on the development of an effective approach to manage operational risk, or if you already have an established risk management approach looking to improve its effectiveness, we can help.

What are the benefits of ISO 31000?
Nowadays, the challenges of operational risk are a task that every business has to deal with. SQSS’ experts have developed a number of risk management services designed to meet the needs of our clients in developing and implementing their own risk management approaches to effectively manage operational risks. Based on our experience SQSS can help its clients optimise their current certified management systems by incorporating effective risk management methods and controls that provide a solution for continued business success. These include:

• Gap analysis and risk management audits that focus on clients’ ability to identify and manage operational risk so that they develop a practical risk management approach to protect their operations.
• Risk management maturity evaluation for existing risk management systems, developed before ISO 31000. We evaluate the client’s existing risk management system and its effectiveness.  Adjustment of the Standard to specific client needs, thus providing the basis for continuous improvement. SQSS evaluation is based on the overall risk management approach using diagnostic tools, analysis and data synthesis.

What does S.Q.S.S. offer you?
System Implementation: it includes the planning, implementation and provision of the required information and diagnostic tools so that you are able to implement, maintain and monitor successfully your system for risk management approach. We provide support during the preparation stage and we help you determine if your company’s risk management approach is fully understood.
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