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ISO 9001


Accredited Certification for Quality Management Systems
Rely on our experience and grant our certification services by providing to your organization an added value in the market. Make a long-term investment through our certification system.


What is ISO 9001?
It is an internationally recognized standard for quality management concerning all companies.
All companies regardless of their size, scope or product/ service they provide may implement a Quality Management System. The QMS can be used either by the same company that implements it or by third parties as a means of monitoring satisfaction of customer requirements and expectations, company’s production or service provision management monitoring, national and international requirements related to product or services. ISO 9001 is an international recognised standard for quality management that provides the methodology for the systematic control of a company's operations, through various procedures, in order to ensure the customers’ satisfaction and expectations.
The implementation of a Quality Management System aims are:
•    The improvements of the company’s reputation by ensuring customer loyalty
•    The improvements company’s image and credibility resulting in the company’s expansion even at an international level
•    Decreasing production costs due to optimized resource and production time management
•    Raising the awareness of employees in quality management.
•    Continual process improvement based on monitoring and measuring mechanisms

What does S.Q.S.S. offer you?
S.Q.S.S. provides a series of assessment and certification services for according to ISO/IEK 17021-1-2015 standard for “Conformity assessment – Requirements for bodies providing audit and certification of management systems”.
S.Q.S.S. provides accredited certification system for ISO 9001 approved by  Accredited by E.S.Y.D. (Hellenic Accreditation System)
S.Q.S.S. Auditors extensive and profound experience, not only on quality issues but also on various other fields, enables them to focus on the challenges set by each individual company. Our auditors are being continuously assessed and evaluated for their competence as per ISO/IEK 17021-1-2015 requirements.
Our final goal is to exempt your company from any bureaucratic approaches and to focus on the essential of company’s profits, resulting from an effective quality management system.



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